I Wear My Heart on My Bag


For my birthday I got the perfect present.  So perfect that only I could have picked it out for myself (and talked the sales woman into giving me a 20% discount because it was the floor sample).  A tote, candy-apple red patent leather so shiny it almost glows, from Kate Spade.  If I was Holly Golightly, Kate would be my Tiffany’s.  The best part (aside from the snappy purple lining) is the words imprinted on the front; “Don’t kiss me now, I’m busy.”

I like Kate Spade not only esthetically, but because I appreciate her sense of humor.  Sandals with lobsters, owl coin purses, and Christmas cards with neon colored jungle animals wearing reindeer antlers.  She tends to produce elegant witty and sometimes quirky pieces that I adore, and sometimes she takes the words right out of my lips.  It got me to thinking what other words I might find her taking from me and printing on fine papers or handbags in the future.  They might include:

Don’t kiss me now, you bore me.

It’s true.  I do have a trunk filled with shoes.

Sod off,  I’m dancing.

Sugar-coated sarcasm is the new black.

That which doesn’t kill you makes you interesting.

Don’t lie.  You like that your parents like me.

I only do epic on days that end with “y.”

Speak softly and wear 4 inch stilettos.

Save yourself, then we’ll get dinner.

not that I’m as witty as KS.  But I’m honest?

“The average American girl possesses the valuable qualities of naturalness, honesty, and inoffensive straightforwardness; she is nearly barren of troublesome conventions and artificialities; consequently, her presence and her ways are unembarrassing.”  – Mark Twain

yours. Rachel


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