Stories From the Force


A friend and I have a running joke about collecting our sordid and sundry romances and compiling them in to a sage and scathingly brilliant book one day.  Any time one of us shares a tale of heartbreak or hilarious disaster, the other laughs here’s another chapter! Though our perspective on any of these events isn’t quite distant enough to be truly profound yet, I’ve collected a number of working titles that may one day be fleshed out into epic tales of the men we learned from, laughed at, lost, and loved.

I Don’t Need Nice, and I Don’t Need Anyone to Be It at Me

Leave It In, That Turkey’s Got a Ways to Go

I Don’t Know; He Was French.

This Is the Song That Never Ends, Yes It Goes On and On My Friends

Oooh Look, a Butterfly!  I Love You, Butterfly!


Salvation, Hipster Style

Men Invented Threesome,  But We Thought They Were a Good Idea

Repeat Offender

And the Lord Said: Go Forth and Multiply

Peace, Love, Embezzlement: A Hippie Romance

But What Does a Cat-Man-Do?

The Funeral Face

Wait, He Got His Benz From An Ex-Wife Who He Was Blackmailing???



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