True to Form


It’s been too long, it’s true.  But unfortunately after a tough semester, a week of delightful social-butterfly madness, a road-trip across the country, and my first week of work in Californ-I-A, I’m just starting to get back to myself.  It’s going to take a bit more sleep, wine, and Bob Dylan (probably in that order) for me to have anything prolific and poetic to say.  In the mean time, I’ll do what it is that I do and make a list.   In my school notebooks, on pretty stationary pads, and on scraps of napkins and spare paper I make lists for everything.  Grocery lists.  Lists of things to pack.  Lists of places I want to see before I die.  Lists of things to wear for a trip.  Lists of invitations, letters, and Christmas cards.  Guest lists.  List of things and people I want to forget.  Lists of potential employers.  Theme and menu lists for my next party. Lists of all the lists I have to make.

So here’s a list.  A fairly disorganized one, and one with or without tremendous amounts of meaning.  I’m calling it the California List, and it seems to have become a list of Firsts.  Appropriate for a beginning I think…

This Trip is the first time I have…

– Used cruise control in my car

– Seen mountains

– Been West of Iowa

– Appreciated Iowa

– Felt out of control while driving

– Felt more comfortable with a biker gang than with people who drink champagne

– Seen clouds reflecting off the ground in the desert

– Eaten at Sonic

– Heard more of Sean Hannity than I ever have before (and hopefully ever will again)

– Drove down a road with 50 miles between each exit

– Bought “local” gasoline (and drove past the refinery where it was created)

– Been pranked, and totally fell for it

– Met someone with a vaguely strange looking face, only to realize later that’s what Botox looks like

– Listened to Bob Dylan

– Had a boss who thinks I’m useless

– Been more liberal than a room full of Californians

– Understood while they call it “the cube farm”

– Talked about cutting my hair, knowing that I will probably hate how it looks, but wanting to do it anyway




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