California List #2


Now that I’ve gotten here and gotten my bearing (read: I’ve found a Thai place, bought a casserole dish, and done laundry), I’m starting to notice where I am.  Some of these are fairly obvious while others are surprising.  Some are mundane while some are profound, and you can expect future writings that will hopefully turn the former into the latter.  (But not on a week night)  Here’s what I’ve observed…

– Cherry season is in May

– When it comes to makeup, less is more

– Farmers markets are a pretty big deal

– The shopping for just about everything really is better out here

– Starbucks is in grocery stores, and other coffee shops are outside of them

– I can’t understand how this government is near bankruptcy – the money they take from my paycheck alone could fund this whole county.

– People wear jeans and fleece in June

– Everyone is really skinny, tan, and young looking – they make Somerset shoppers look like old hags.

– People are generally more politically opinionated than in other cities in the US

– One word- collagen!

– Where I live, people are immigrants or they hate them

– Fast food is hard to find

– When you bring your own bag to the supermarket for your groceries, cashiers are pleased (not confused)

– There is a scale in our bathroom at work.  IN THE OFFICE BATHROOM!

– The rest of the country is divided into republicans or democrats.  California is divided into libertarians and socialists

– Another word – MOUNTAINS!

– People can actually grow those Bird of Paradise flowers that you find in florist shops in their gardens

– People here wear ugly shoes


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