New York Minute


As most of you should know (assuming we’re at least Facebook friends), I’ve taken a job based in New York City.  The new job is challenging and chaotic, but I expect it to be a great experience that will, at the very least, teach me incredible lessons and afford me the opportunity to live in Japan, New York City, and just generally to move out of my parent’s house (which is in itself very exciting.)  Unfortunately I’m finding that this new move and phase of adult life (read: full time employment) doesn’t leave much time or energy for the brand of internet pontification I favored in those tormented albeit formative collegiate years.  But, because I am enjoying this epic and complicated new life so much, I have so much to share!  Consequently I’ve decided to take this blog in a bit of a different direction.  It will still be a place for my thoughts, feelings, observations, and my soul, but I intend to use it more to share the bits and pieces of my everyday existence instead of just the semi-polished prose of a very lost young lady.  These days I notice more than myself in the world, and frankly I’m beginning to realize that most of the rest of the world is at least as interesting (if not more so) than me.  From time to time I expect I will still need to or find time to pontificate about my existential existence, but mostly I’d just like to share with you the epic in my everyday.  You can expect random thoughts, pictures, and even the occasional extended musing here.

In the mean time what I will say about New York is this: I am in love.  That kind of excruciatingly beautiful turn your heart inside-out state of complete bliss where you can’t sleep but it doesn’t even matter because all you need to live is that feeling inside your soul kind of love.   I’m in the honeymoon phase granted – where a broken train is the opportunity for an unexpected adventure and where my rent is actually being paid directly by my company (outside of my salary) – but none the less, I do feel that moving to this city was the best thing I ever could have done for my 20something self.  I love everything this city offers (and that it does offer everything), and it’s an incredible place to be young.  And amazingly, although New York City life is more physically, financially, and perhaps even emotionally demanding than my previous suburban existence, I actually find my level of anxiety greatly decreased.  I sleep better here than at home.  I feel healthier.  I have more fun.  Even days that feel crappy are happier than the crappy days back in MI.  Even in this time of transition and uncertainty, I feel more at home than I can remember feeling in a long time.

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years” – Thomas Wolfe



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