Face the Facts


So it’s been an incredible and indulgent last couple of days – eating out breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and sipping only the best beers, cocktails, and frenchpressed coffees.  I’ve explored Manhattan and Brooklyn, spent almost every second of the day with interesting people, and the sun was shining all weekend!  It’s a perfect life – too good to be true, right?

Well, yes actually.  Today I had to go grocery shopping, had to wait for AGES for the train and ended up getting on the wrong one, and this afternoon I had to do the thing that always reminds me the difference between a vacation and real life – Laundry.  We hauled our suitcases down the street, bought detergent, and sat in the sweltering laundromat for more than an hour watching the machines spin, spin, spin.  Back to reality.  Tomorrow it’s back to work and it promises to be a challenging day.  In the morning I need to run, I need to clean my room, and I need to go back to packing healthy and moderately-priced meals in my lunchbox.

The truth is that, though my life is fabulous, it’s still a real person life.  And that means that even in New York City I still have to do Laundry.



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