Graveyard Shift. Consolation Prize: Breakfast.



Working overnights (10pm-7am) is a challenge, and it throws all concept of, well, anything normal out the window. How do you greet your coworkers at 10pm? When you leave at 7 do you say see you tonight? That’s just depressing.  Then you pass by the suits and freshly made-up faces on the subway and have to try and crawl into bed for 8 hours while the broad daylight streams in the 4 bedroom windows you only sometimes love. One thing that makes everything right as rain again is breakfast: today we finally hit the famed Tom’s diner in Brooklyn – as seen in Seinfield, as heard about in that 90s song everybody knows but doesn’t know who wrote it, and is conveniently located just blocks from my apartment. Plus an incredible pumpkin-walnut Belgian waffle with cinnamon butter and bacon for 10 bucks? In New York? All is right with the world.


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  1. also, note the ridiculous decor (namely the flowers). They may actually be worse than the funeral florals we have in our apartment!

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