Days of Our Lives


Sorry, dear blog readers, I have been neglecting you.  It’s been a few more days than I would have liked since I told you about my life, but you see, there was the issue of… my life.  I know those last couple posts were fairly cryptic, but I wanted the dust to settle a little before I put things up here in writing.  I wanted to make sure the right people knew what was going on before they read it on a blog, because even in our high tech age, there are still some things you should hear the old fashioned way.

By the “old fashioned way”, I of course mean by text message, as I know some of you are thinking and laughing to yourselves.   April 20th, some of my nearest and dearest received a text message reading “Ok, sorry this is really dramatic for a text, but I quit my job today and will be back in MI tomorrow.  I can give you more details later but I just wanted to give you an FYI asap.”  I have joked since then that you’ll find out that I’m married in the same manner.  “Happy Monday!  Burning Man was incredible, met a man with eyes you could swim in, got married. Epic party details to follow in your snail mail.”  My nearest and dearest laugh, knowing these days that’s entirely possible.  In the mean time I am not married, but yes, I’m in a much different state (that’s a pun! Hardy-har-har-har) than I was a couple weeks ago. Here’s the logistical lowdown:

1. I resigned from my job.  It wasn’t the right fit (feelings to come in a future entry) for either of us, and they were about to send me to Japan for 4 months.  My conscience, professional sensibilities, and soul were louder than the voice of my bank account.  It happened Wednesday afternoon before Easter, I was asked to vacate my company housing by Friday, and I am still waiting for my promised final paycheck and reimbursement.  It was chaotic and very much in kind.

2. As of this moment, I’m in Michigan.  I came home the Thursday before Easter, had some hardcore holiday-Family time, and returned to New York last weekend to interview and look at apartments.  But, for now I’m back in the burbs of F-town.

3. I am currently unemployed.  I’ve applied for lots of jobs, got some leads, and had an interview with a temp agency, so I am optimistic I’ll land something soon, but  again for now I’m just hanging out in limbo.

4. I’m going back to New York – May 20th.  I’ve got a sublet set up for most of the summer in an apartment in Brooklyn with some old high school marching band and theater buddies – oh how small the world is!

5.  I can’t wait to get back!  I loved it New York, and for much as this job wasn’t right, I know living in the city was.

more to come, but that’s the official and extended text message story in case you haven’t heard it yet.



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