This weekend was tough, as it is one of my favorite weekends to be in Detroit.  Memorial Day weekend is Movement in Detroit, what some of us remember as Hart plaza’s free electronic music festival, and my heart breaks more than you’d expect from a Talbot’s shopping sorority girl for not being there. I pride myself on not missing a festival unless I’m out of town for something important, and unfortunately my own need for movement trumps the festival this year. But, in the spirit of said movement, I’ve been trying to suck everything possible out of this sweltering, allergy-ridden weekend.  Exploring beer gardens and restaurants, scoping out nearby neighborhoods for vintage shops and potential housing, and stumbling on unexpected events and beautiful views makes a pretty good consolation prize.

Studio Square, a fantastic beer garden in Queens on a beautiful Friday night!


Ahhh Park Slope my new pipedream…


The beauty is in the details


Breaking up the brown stone…


Let’s play:


Just a little Sunday stroll


Oh hello Taiwanese cultural festival!  Sure I’ll have a bamboo tamale for lunch!




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