Polar Bears on the Subway


This weekend was well packed with New York adventures and well-deserved relaxation (read:NCIS marathon) despite the heat and raging seasonal allergies, so narrowing down a favorite part is difficult.  A serious contender, however, for my favorite weekend moment (one that my camera didn’t catch) was this: I’m standing on the subway platform – the one time I’ve ridden the subway in the last week without my headphones plugged in – and a man walks up to me.  A clean white shirt sets off his dark skin and darker eyes and he says…

“Excuse me Miss, but do you know how much a polar bear weighs?” 

Genuinely uncertain of the answer to this question, and why a stranger on the subway would be inquiring, I say No, I Don’t. 

“Enough to break the ice.  Hi, my name is…” 

I’ve heard plenty of gawking, dirty talking, and all the rest, but never before have I actually heard one of those laughably bad pick-up lines.  I will give him credit though – I laughed, and I’m still thinking about it.  Missed connection?  🙂



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