Free Week in NYC


My publishing debut is set for June 13th, meaning I have one week left of “funemployment” as a friend called it. What are you going to do? He asked. Hit the town! Party it up!  Friday I was contented just being – doing nothing more than sunbathing and existing.  Today however, I am existing as a lobster/Coppertone girl and being, typically me, bored.  There’s a problem – I mean beyond the fact that I’m constantly restless and less constantly but no less importantly at present the color of a tomato  – the lack of cash. Funny, there’s no way to fit the word fun into the word broke. (Broke is an overstatement perhaps, but I’m certainly not in a position to be ordering bottles of Belve at the hottest new club anytime soon) For a moment I was distressed and frustrated, until I remembered – you live in NEW YORK CITY! It’s the summer! There’s tons of fun free things to do, right?! So I challenged myself: for the next week, I plan to do at least one fantastically free (or outrageously cheap) thing each day. Then, I’ll share my findings with you, for the benefit of those in the New York area but also to keep myself accountable.

Well here we are today off to a good start! I stopped by the Housing Works bookstore/cafe in SoHo for their annual street fair!  This meant super-cheap books and vintage finds, even an everything-you-fit-in-this-bag-for-$20 fashion bin (take heed my Brooklyn brethren!). I skipped the clothing but stocked up on reading materials – six books for 5 bucks! One off the reading list, one swell anthology, and four more that could be fascinating (or if all else fails will be very aesthetically pleasing on my bookshelf).  Day one is a success!






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  1. Suggestions! As if these weren’t already on your list… 😛

    Shakespeare in the Park (just getting tickets is a fun experience… sorta):

    NY Philharmonic in the Parks:

    Metropolitan Opera:

    Summerstage: Something going on in Central Park nearly every day, great way to stumble upon a performance genre you never thought you’d enjoy. 🙂

    Museum Mile Festival: June 14th,6-9pm

    Pride March (amazing parade! best costumes ever): June 26th at 12pm

    I am sure you’d heard of or are already planning to attend a lot of this stuff…but just in case you hadn’t – I took the opportunity to relive my favorite summers ever by tracking down links for you. 🙂 If you go, post pictures?

    • Thanks for the suggestions ma’am! You’re right, Shakespeare in the Park and Summer Stage were already on my radar, and I’m going to be in Boston over the weekend of Pride, but I hadn’t looked at the opera or the philharmonic! I’ll have to check them out!

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