Monday Funday


Today’s first free activity was a bit of a cheat; I slept in until noon.  Granted it’s not one for the tour books, but it’s probably the last time I’ll do that… oh, maybe ever.   BUT, after that, I decided that in true Monday spirit, I should see how the other half lives.  I hopped on the train heading for the financial district, stopping to look at the World Trade Center site, Trinity church, and tons of tall, powerful, handsome, and rich pieces of eye-candy. I’m talking about the art deco buildings, obviously… Anyway, after savoring these I reveled in the joy of not being any of them, hopping onto the Staten Island Ferry for a little free river cruise action.  Chomping on a chocolate brownie Cliff bar (my favorite not-free-but-cheaper-than-eating-out standby) with the sea breeze blowing back my hair, I enjoyed the views – the skylines of New Jersey, Manhattan, and Brooklyn plus our friend lady Liberty.  Took the ferry round trip and walked back home to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn bridge.  All and all, not too shabby for a Monday.

Ahoy Manhattan!


Hey girl haaaaay!

BK blue


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