Can I tell you a secret?  Tuesday might be the coolest day in this city.  Not weather wise, as it cleared 90 and the air between the buildings felt like the city was one of those models submerged in a fishtank, but because there is so much to do on a beautiful summer Tuesday like this one.  I woke up this morning at 8am, atoning for my lack-of-morning yesterday, and headed into Manhattan for some free for yoga!  Bryant Park and Lululemon sponsor a free class Tuesday mornings, and this particular day was a fantastic flow session leaving me feeling centered and ready to face the day.  Plus I met a slew of very friendly yogis – who said New Yorkers are all jerks?!

From there I headed to the New York Public Library to admire the architecture (coming back to look at the books will be another trip entirely!) Making my way back to Brooklyn I passed through Grand Central Station to continue the survey of historical NYC beauty and stopped off for an afternoon stroll in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (also free on Tuesdays!)   The grounds are much more extensive than I expected, and the rose garden was simply spectacular. This, I should add, is high praise from a woman who usually dislikes roses on principle; the unusual hybrid roses defied the dreadfully average stereotype, and I can actually say I would find receiving a such a bouquet very romantic! Incidentally, they also have the most delicious chocolate chip cookies I’ve had in the entire city!

Finally I headed home for a quick shower and then back into Manhattan for a free concert in Central Park!  One of my roommates and I went to see Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble as part of the SummerStage program.  And, though we were 6 PEOPLE away from getting into the actual pavilion (not that I’m bitter or anything), we spread out our blanket and enjoyed a picnic just outside.  Munching on trail mix and riding the exquisite roller-coaster that is Dave Eggers’ writing, we enjoyed the music and had a lovely evening.

Unfortunately, the technology gods were not on my side and my smartphone camera wasn’t smart enough to fix itself, so you’re going to have to trust me that today was spectacular.


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