No Rain, No… Anything?


The beginning of this week was packed with adventure, bustling in and out of Manhattan, seeing beautiful things, and milking the exorbitant tax dollars I will soon be paying to this city for all they’re worth, but as anyone who’s ever left college knows, sometimes the real world calls.  Wednesday and Thursday were disgustingly hot, and in an attempt to prepare for the life that awaits me, I spent much of my time on these days doing mundane grown up things.  Groceries.  Laundry.  Etc.  There is, however, an advantage to doing these tasks during the week – one not to be scoffed at and probably the only thing I will miss about working in retail – the lines are reasonable.  Dare I say it, even, suburban?  Waiting in line behind only 6 people at Trader Joe’s?  That in itself makes Wednesday as success.  Add to to that Leroy Jethro Gibbs (my serious old man crush) keeping me company in the laundromat, and you could call my errand running almost enjoyable!

I made an effort to spend time in Prospect Park each day as well, and though it feels like my backyard, I am in fact very lucky to have it as such.  Designed by the same man who created Central Park, Prospect is simply magnificent, and Brooklynites like to consider Central the rough draft for Prospect.  Even in the sweltering heat, the shade of old, wise trees and hidden trails are probably the most pleasant place to spend a summer afternoon in BK.  Plus, Vitamin D is another great free resource in this city if you take the time to go out and seek it.  Stop and grab an iced coffee from the shop on the corner, and you’re set to go. Unless of course you’re one of the prohibited parties, in which case you’ll probably have to go to Starbucks.


Probably the most interesting and epic part of the last two days was something that came unexpectedly. (I know, I know.  No matter how good at the universe I get, I’ll never fail to be subject to its surprises, and I would not have it any other way.) Tonight I’d planned to go to another free session of yoga- a class offered in the ever lovely Long Meadow of Prospect Park – and as I was tying up my hair my roommate mentioned she’d not be going.  She had the weather up on the macbook; the other side of the little glowing apple said it would rain.  I shrugged, never being one to be deterred by the weather report, grabbed an umbrella and mentioned that I might come back soaked.  She laughed, puzzled.

I did rain.  It poured, actually.  On the way to the park, the sky was gray. It was darker than it should be for 6:30pm, and people were scurrying around, calling their loved ones and almost tripping over their work heels as they looked up at the dark sky above.  Passing by one gentleman, a young man about my age in an expensive suit with a tie that no straight male in the Midwest would ever even consider, I overheard him say well hopefully I won’t get struck by lightning or anything.  I looked up.  Come on people, the sky isn’t even green!  It’s not like there’s going to be a tornado or something; it’s just a little rain.  It’s funny how a little precipitation shuts this city down.  New York, the center of the universe as my father affectionately calls it, is terrified by a little bit of rain.

I continued walking cheerfully, calmly, to the park.   The sky was getting darker.  My roommate was continuing the new show she was watching on Netflix.  Traffic was flowing out of Manhattan but almost none was flowing in.  The wind was picking up, blowing wisps of hair out of their place.  Little drops started to spit from the clouds above just as I was reaching the park.  The class had certainly been cancelled, so I ducked into a nearby subway and headed to run the last of my errands.  When I got back out of the subway, with Cliff bars and cheese and shampoo in my bag, the skies had opened up and the streets were flooding.  People were running and swimming through the air, arks were being built and animals were being herded on to them.  I popped up my umbrella and walked.  The umbrella was more of a statement of the obvious than anything else as the wind was drenching my arms and legs.  Finally Moving by Pretty Lights came on shuffle on my mp3 player.  Setting my umbrella over my shoulder I spread my arms out to my sides to soak it in.  I would call Thursday a very free success.



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