Last Hoorah


This update comes a bit belated, but sometimes sucking the marrow out of a city means no time to blog – the real world always takes precedent over the digital one.  In any event, my last weekend before beginning work was filled, appropriately, with buckets of New York fun! Friday one of my roommates and I took the free ferry to Governor’s Island and fell in love. Not with each other – that’s too much drama even for my life – but with the tiny former military base situated right below the bottom tip of Manhattan. It’s open Fridays-Sundays in the summer, and it is populated by parks and people escaping the city, meaning it is virtually tourist-free.  There are plenty of spots for picnics, and large sculptures punctuate stretches of open green.  Plenty of smaller works pop up as well, giving the whole island the feeling of an outdoor gallery.  Bikes can be rented, and on Friday they are free for up to an hour – more than enough time to circle the small island.  My roommate and I grabbed a couple of adorable baby-blue bikes and enjoyed a beautiful day out in the sun.






That evening I went to Prospect Park for another free concert – this one Andrew Bird sponsored by the Celebrate Brooklyn series.  He put on an amazing show, and even though  I didn’t make it into the pavilion, I camped out on a blanket and enjoyed a little picnic.   Saturday the weather cooled off but got rainy, spoiling plans for a Kappa Delta picnic and jazz concert in Central Park, but instead I headed home and stayed up chatting with my other amazing roommate who I see not nearly often enough!  This morning was brunch – my favorite meal and a New York tradition at Tom’s Diner (famous, cheap, and fantastic!) and a mini-high school reunion with a the roomies and an old friend.  Tonight I’m back at the apartment readying myself for my new job to start tomorrow, and I’m watching the Tony’s with my mates, getting to know one more aspect of my backyard.  A perfect end to a wonderful week and weekend!

So long for now, and wish me luck for tomorrow!



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