Monday Like I Like It



After going to bed last night at 9pm (because I am that awesome), I was up this morning like the rest of the working world at 7am. But instead of waking to a wall of heat and boarding the Q train, I was engaged more pleasurably. My dad and I headed to the farmers market to pick up fresh fruit, jam, and flowers, sipping a cappuccino and enjoying the morning sun casting shadows through the gingerbread of the Victorian porches.  Once back home, we set out plates accumulated from flea markets over the years, delighfully mismatched, filling up with quiche and conversation. This week’s topic, both in formal lecture theme at Chautauqua and in our house, will be feminism – and with a house full of such strong women as ours, you can imagine we have a lot to say (the dissenting opinions we have might surprise you.) 

By midmorning we were tying shoes for a quick run before the 10:45 lecture, and already I can tell this week is going to be exactly what my body, mind, and heart need…


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