Labor Day Love





For a weekend in the city with many of my friends gone, this one turned out quite lovely! I got a chance to catch up with a very old friend and meet his girlfriend for the first time; copious amounts of wine was drunk stories regaled about the church pageant days where we dressed up like elves and had identical bowl haircuts. And, I unexpectedly landed a ticket to a suite at the US Open courtesy of my “Uncle Ed”, a friend and former coworker of my father’s whom I’ve now seen in London, Geneva, New York, and Farmington.  I had a blast stuffing myself and with some unexpectedly fantastic people, and I enjoyed chatting and acting out with some pretty “hip old-people.” There was some great tennis too! We saw Nadal beat Nalbandian in a close match and Roddick beat… err some French guy.  Plus I got at least 11 hours of sleep two night this weekend! An excellent holiday, and summer’s perfect last hurrah!


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