The Afterglow








Thanks to all who made my birthday such an incredible day!  Honestly, it was the best birthday I can remember – probably since the one where I had that Lion King birthday cake with the wax Simba and Nala figurines perched on the mountain of brown buttercream that looked like a pile of poop.  This one may even top that.  Incredible, right?  That’s thanks to you all.

Seriously though, it was an unbelievable day, and I feel so lucky and blessed to have such incredible friends new and old, such great coworkers, family, second-parents, sisters by blood and AOT, and thanks even to the random people I encountered who made this day so great (our incredible waitress at Paprika tonight, for example!).  Thanks for your kind words in cards, texts and calls, for your hilarious phone messages, for lunch and for dinner, for sisterhood and a warm welcome, for beautiful flowers and absurdly rich chocolate cake, for dance parties on the cube street and hysterical laughter, and for the buzz of Prosecco and Love that I’m going to wake up feeling tomorrow and that is the best way to begin a truly epic year.    Thank you all…Cheers.



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